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PCG is in no way an investment platform. PCG is a crypto community saddled with the responsibility of ensuring its community members enjoy the freedom of decentralization, blockchain, and cryptocurrency and maximizing profits from the cryptocurrency space. Hence we are a community-driven by the growth and success of its members.

As a community, our utmost concern is how to help our community members transform their financial status. As such being a member of this community will expose you to multiple premium information that can fetch you money even at the comfort of your home.

Becoming a part of this community is quite easy. All you need to become a member of this community is your smartphone or PC, and access to the internet. You can access our various social media handles or visit our website to get started.

To enable you to enjoy full access to all our premium information, you will need to pay a subscription fee on a monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly, or yearly basis (depending on which is most convenient for you). You can access these packages on our website.

Upon expiry of your subscription plan, you will need to reactivate your plan, or you will lose access to all our information.

We accept payments in cryptocurrency and our acceptable methods of payment include: USDT, BUSD, USDC

PCG mentorship course goes for $500.

At PCG, we do not offer financial advice in any way. All information provided is for informative and educative purposes, and as such shouldn't be considered as financial advice.

At PCG, we have experienced and skilled researchers who have proven track records of success. These researchers spend hours and sleepless nights to ensure that they feed the community members with accurate information, as they are the likelihoods of many scam projects on this space.